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I don’t want to create a PayPal account. Do I have to pay with PayPal?

No – simply click through on the PayPal/Visa/Mastercard option (only one available at checkout) and then follow the next step to billing information. Hit Pay Now and select “Don’t have a PayPal account” option. Enter your credit card information and your purchase will be processed in a secure environment. If you have any problems please contact us at admin@annaliviajewellery.com and we will help you through the process.

What does Karat mean?

Karat is an expression of the pure gold content of your jewelry. Pure gold is described as ‘24 karat’ (kt) and is generally considered to be too ‘soft’ and unworkable for most jewelry purposes. Consequently, pure gold is ‘mixed with’ various other metals (alloys) and it is the percentage content (by weight) of these added alloys that determine the karat of the gold.

The legalized gold karat standards for jewelry in Canada are 10kt, 14kt and 18kt. The pure gold content by weight of each (as a percentage) is respectively 41.6%, 58.3% and 75% (the balance of course being alloy).

The vast majority of all jewelry sold in Canada is 14kt and should be stamped accordingly.

How does the Karat affect price?

Obviously, the higher the pure gold content relative to alloy content, the more expensive the ring is going to be. For example, if an identical ring is made in 18kt, 14kt and 10kt ,  the 18kt ring will be pricier than the 14kt ring will be pricier than the 10kt ring.

What is white gold?

Pure (24kt) gold is naturally a rich yellow color. When we add alloy (see above) to pure gold we can change the color of the final product by varying the type and amount of alloy used. Both white and rose gold are produced in this way.

Do you use Platinum in your jewelry?

Yes, we love working in platinum. It is an almost pure (95%), beautiful and extremely durable white metal that has a look like no other. Because of the cost of the raw materiel, it does not meet everyone’s budget but AnnaLivia aim to make it as affordable as possible.

What is comfort fitting?

This describes the inside profile of the ring (i.e the part of the ring in contact with your finger) which is normally flat. Comfort fitting alters this profile to a convex surface (i.e there is less metal in contact with you finger) which some people find more ‘comfortable’, particularly if they have not been accustomed to wearing a ring on that particular finger.

Because we have to ‘add’ metal to achieve this, there is an added cost which varies relative to to your ring size. Please stipulate when ordering and we will quote accordingly.

Can I order one of your styles in a wider/narrower width?

In most cases yes. It may not be possible with some of our collections but contact us and we will advise you. Bear in mind that adjusting the width of the ring will affect the price (i.e. wider will be more expensive and narrower less so).

Do  you make His ‘n Hers rings?

Yes. We are often asked to make two rings of the same style but of varying widths and diamond content

Can you make me a ring that I’ve seen elsewhere?

If you have seen a ring advertised or in a catalogue that you like the look of and would like us to quote on making it, then send us a picture and we’ll let you know. We have access to the latest model making equipment and can reproduce many popular ring styles

Can I add diamonds to my ring?

Absolutely! Let us know how and where to place them and we will quote you accordingly. We generally use fine cut, GH/Si quality diamonds which seem to fit the bill for most people. Other qualities are available.

How do I order my ring in the right finger size?

Ideally, the most accurate way to ensure we make a ring for you in the right size is to have your finger measured at a local jewellery store.

Alternatively, if you have a ring already that you know the size of and is the right fit, then that would suffice.

Finally, you can order the ring in a size that you think is approximately right and to fine tune it, ask us to send you a set of our free ring sizers to try on at your convenience. And get back to us with the result.

For our Canadian clients we offer one free ring size adjustment per ring order – plus or minus half a size (extra charges apply for more than this, each way shipping not included).

Can I have my ring appraised?

If requested, we can have your ring examined by an independent appraiser who will assess it for gold (and diamond) content and issue a certificate stating it’s retail replacement value. There is a C$35.00 charge for this service.

How will my ring be sent to me?

Please see our Shipping Information Page